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Laura Ondiviela

Spanish (Spain), Advertisement


Joanna Rubio

Spanish (Spain), Dubbing, Film

Animation and Video Games Demo

Victoria Prather

English (United States), Animation, Videogames

Demo Reel

Sandra Soria

Spanish (Spain), Corporate, General Demo

Chinese Mandarin Demo

Yuli Sun

Chinese Mandarin, Advertisement, General Demo

Child voice

Caterina Donzelli

Italian, Advertisement, Animation


Laura Maltoni

Italian, Animation

Non fiction audiobook

Steven King

English (British), Audiobook, Elearning

Kids Fiction

Natasha Arancini

English (British), Audiobook, General Demo

Coporate training

Pamela Gregory

English (United States), Corporate, Elearning

Little girl teenager

Anouck Montreuil

French (European), Animation, Dubbing

Rich Palmer Character Demo

Rich Palmer

English (United States), Animation, Videogames

Animation Demo

Jessica Peterson

English (United States), Animation