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Richard_Crossman e-Learning

Richard Crossman

English (United States), Elearning

BMW – This is my story – EN with DE accent

Sven Ofner

English (United States), Advertisement, Internet Video

Political Campaigns

Garth Collins

English (United States), Advertisement, Documentary

Online Ad – Impulse K One

Stephan Becker

German, Advertisement, Corporate

Humanitarian & Charities

Garth Collins

English (United States), Documentary, Film

Spot Audi A6 voz corporativa, adulto, elegante

Jonathan López

Spanish (Spain), Advertisement, Internet Video


José Nilton Teixeira Nilton

Portuguese (Brazilian), Corporate, Internet Video

IVR Showreel Arabic MSA ,English and Uae accent

Dina Mohamed Tawfik

Arabic, General Demo, Phone System

Budweiser Budvar – Das Original aus Tschechien

Sven Ofner

German, Advertisement


Diego Bressan

Spanish (Argentinean), Elearning, Film

Movie Trailers & TV Promos

Garth Collins

English (United States), Documentary, Film

Game Borderland 3 – Zane Flynt

Stephan Becker

German, Internet Video, Videogames

Advertisement, spot TENDER VOICE

Anna Borrell

Spanish (Spain), Advertisement, Documentary