Tiago Maioli

About Tiago

Hello, I'm Tiago Maioli. Or if you prefer, just Maioli. I've been in the advertising market for about 10 years recording and producing for agencies and production companies in Brazil and abroad. I've been the voice of big brands; campaigns and I have the experience to create a versatile and natural interpretation the way you need. In my studio I value the quality of the audio. Besides having professional equipment properly updated, all voiceovers are recorded in an acoustic booth, resulting in a clean audio, free of any kind of interference. When the client receives the recording in the format requested, he is sure he will be able to work with it in any application.


Neumann TLM 102 and AKG C3000


- Microphones Neumann TLM 102 / AKG C3000 -
- Interface SSL 2 Solid State Logic -
- Santo Angelo shielded cabling -
- Reaper Pro software -


Portuguese (Brazilian)

Voice Age

Young, Adult

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