Nicola Lanci

About Nicola

I started theater at the tender age of 10. This continued for about fifteen years until i discovered that my skills could best adapt to the wonderful world of dubbing. I participated in local productions of documentaries, audiobook readings, story readings at the theater, and web radio speakers. Today I collaborates with various clients for recording jingles and theme songs, e-learning works, over-sound dubbing, documentaries, in-sync dubbing, tutorials, and interpretative reading of audiobooks.


Rode NT1 5th Gen (until 32bit 196.000) - Neumann TLM103 - t.BoneSC600


Vocal Booth DIY
Audio interface: Scarlett Focusrite 2i2 - Behringer Xenyx 1204 (Backup)
Headphones: AKG K92 - Sony MDR7506 - Focusrite MKII (Backup)
DAW Windows: Adobe Audition - Nuendo - Cubase - Wavelab (editing)
DAW MacOS: Logic Pro - Reaper - Audition



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