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I have a deep male voice with a neutral, British accent. Alongside English I'm also fluent in Dutch (seeing I'm Belgian it's a Flemish accent) I've worked with marketing agencies, clothing brands, crypto companies, real-estate companies and YouTube cashcow channels. As of this writing I'm immersing myself in the world of documentary narration & audiobook voice-over work. I'm motivated to amplify your brand/content's vision & help bring it to life with my voice. All my work is recorded with professional equipment in my home recording studio, guaranteeing quality & swift turn-over time. Shoot me a DM for any inquiries & let's get c


Synco D2 Shotgun Mic


Interface: Apogee Duet 3
DAW: Adobe Audition CC 2023
Cables: Mogami Gold


Dutch, English (British), English (United States), Flemish

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