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Are your eLearning projects great, but suffering from robotic voices that lack that conversational feel? Are your audiobooks making your audience fall asleep (before they can get to page 2)? Or maybe your commercials aren't getting you the traction with new customers you were expecting. What should you do? Well, here's a suggestion for you: The Voice of Ferlon. Aloha, thanks for stopping by! My name is Ferlon Webster, Jr. and I'm the voice talent behind The Voice of Ferlon. I specialize in delivering voiceovers as a narrator/storyteller with an articulate, authentic, relaxed, and sometimes urban feel. In my in-home audio booth your E-Learning Courses, Business Videos, Online Ads, Audiob


Sennheiser MKH-416


Audio Interface: Volt 276
DAW: Adobe Audition
Computer: Macbook Air w/M1 Chip


English (United States)

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