Vera Tan

About Vera

I’m Vera, a Singaporean Australian voiceover artist based in Canberra, Australia with access to a high quality home studio, my materials are below for your listening. I have 10 years of training in classical singing, and am also trained in ADR. I have extensive experience in recording remotely and I have done sessions from 12am to 6am, so don't be shy to schedule at your convenience! If you're looking for some voiceover work for a project at any point, I'd love to volunteer my services! If you would like to know more, please feel free to visit my website at veratan.fun


Warm Audio WA-47jr


Interface: Solid State Logic SSL2
Recording Device/Others: Macbook Pro M1, Mogami Gold Cables
DAWs: Reaper (VO) and Pro Tools and Listento (Trial version obtained for singing as needed)
Internet Speed: 53.03/18.70
Connectivity: SourceConnect Now, Session Link Pro, Zoom, ConnectionOpen Discord, ipDTL, and more upon request!


English (Australian), English (United States)

Voice Age

Child, Young, Adult

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