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About Sílvia

I´m Silvia Costa and I am an European Portuguese voice over talent since 1990. In the past, I gave voice to several radio programs and nowadays I work in a wide range of areas such as documentaries, commercials, advertisements and telemarketing. I have a versatile voice that allows me to produce amusing and dynamic recordings for TV and Radio, as well as interpret older and more formal voices. In Portuguese market, I have a diversity of customers, like Microsoft, Ferrari, Philips, Disney Stores, Renault, Neveva GPS, Fruttis, H&M, Logitech and many others.


NEUMANN U87 microphone


2 totally isolated and soundproofed recording booths
NEUMANN U87 microphone
AVALON 737 SP Preamp
MAC Pro audio workstation: Pro Tools 10; Digidesign Rack 003 + Command 8;
MAC Pro audio and video workstation: Final Cut Studio HD
PC Pro audio workstation: M-AUDIO 410; Adobe Audition 3
GENELEC active monitors
Cloud Server for unlimited digital audio storage / upload / download
Skype, Zoom, IPDTL, Sessionlinkpro or any others WebRTC platforms are available


Portuguese (Portugal)

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