Sarah McPhee

About Sarah

Sarah McPhee is a Voiceover Artist from New England.  She studied acting in college, but made a turn when she had a calling to public health, where she worked for 20 years. When Sarah, she found she was able to merge her acting background and professional experience. Sarah’s scope as a Voice Talent is layered. Her time in public health makes Sarah your go-to choice for medical narration. Her first love of acting comes to life in commercial VO. Sarah is a mom of two daughters and enjoys going back to school with K-12 narration projects.  She is also passionate about customer service, and brings her superb communication skills to telephony projects. Contact Sarah today about your VO project!


Audio Technica 4040


Motu M2 Interface, Audio Audition Daw, Mac Mini Professionally treated recording space, Popfilter


English (United States)

Voice Age

Young, Adult

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