Jessica Peterson


Jessica Peterson

About Jessica

Whether you're looking for the youthful exuberance of your favorite childhood memory, or the warmth of a cozy cup of tea, Jessica's voice will draw the listener into your story. Her sound has been described as "a palette of a thousand colors", and she will work to find just the shade you're looking for. Combined with her excellent ability to take direction, and her cheerful and fun loving personality, Jessica is an ideal choice for your next project. Featured clients include The Walt Disney Company, Albertsons, PepsiCo, McDonalds, Career Builder, Zales, ZeviaKidz, Baylor University, Crunchyroll (Ace Attorney, Overlord, Goblin Slayer, Hanebado! and many others).


Neumann TLM 103, EV Re20


Apollo Solo Interface
Pro Tools Studio
Whisperroom Audio Isolation Booth
Source Connect Standard


English (United States)

Voice Age

Young, Adult

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