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About Arcindo

My name is Arcindo Guimaraes, I'm from Portugal and I'm on the voice over business since 1991. Currently I'm the main voice of Discovery Channel in Portugal and Angola. For AXN television (Sony Pictures Entertainment), I'm giving voice to the commercial promos of the television station. Frequently hired for medical narrations, my voice is also heard daily in commercials of National Television and Radio of Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde and in dozens of Portuguese communities from all around the world. In the Portuguese market, I've a diversity of customers, like Microsoft, Google, Mastercard, BMW, Goodyear, Sony, HP and many others.


NEUMANN U87 microphone


2 totally isolated and soundproofed recording booths
NEUMANN U87 microphone
AVALON 737 SP Preamp
MAC Pro audio workstation: Pro Tools 10; Digidesign Rack 003 + Command 8;
MAC Pro audio and video workstation: Final Cut Studio HD
PC Pro audio workstation: M-AUDIO 410; Adobe Audition 3
GENELEC active monitors
Cloud Server for unlimited digital audio storage / upload / download
Skype, Zoom, IPDTL, Sessionlinkpro or any others WebRTC platforms are available


Portuguese (Portugal)

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