Vanessa Réty

About Vanessa

Hi there! My name is Vanessa and I am a professional voice-over (otherwise why would I be here? 😉 In terms of voice? Native French with a naturally young and dynamic tone, I remain versatile and adapt to all your requests (within reason... Do not ask me for a Morgan Freeman voice!) I love to give my voice for advertising (TV, radio, web), motion designs, corporate, e-learning, documentaty, audio book (especially tales for children)...




In addition to my RØDE NT1 microphone, I have the pleasure of recording your projects in a Studiobricks One Plus Voice Over Edition booth (the ultimate in acoustic treatment!) With my SSL 2+ audio interface and my Byerdynamic DT 770 Pro headphone, I interpret and magnify your texts to convey all your messages.


French (European)

Voice Age

Child, Young, Adult, Senior

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