Luca Massaroli

About Luca

I approached theatre in my childhood and then studied General Acting in Milan after high school. The first national tours in which I made my debut as a professional actor at the age of 20 were my real theatre academy. During that period, I also started working as a VO talent. A little time later, I moved to London, where I stayed for a few years to further my studies at the Drama Studio London. In 2018, I returned to Italy and have been involved in several international productions, including prose, opera, and voice-over projects. I am convinced that trees are Zen masters. Like them, I keep my feet firmly planted on the ground and my head among the stars.


STAM Microphone, Audiotechnica AT4040


Macbook Air M2
Focusrite 2i2
Reaper DAW, DaVinci DAW,


English (British), Italian, Spanish (Spain)

Voice Age

Young, Adult

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