Janpa Serino

About Janpa

My voice is my work since I was a child. I have attended a special school for five years in Rome, my teacher was Renato Cortesi, one of the most important Italian actor and dubber. There I learnt how to use my voice in a professional way. In the same period I started my job by the biggest Italian Radio and TV Stations: commercials, narrations, documentaries and many more. My main voice characteristic is to be able to easily change my voice, expressing different characters. I can jump from a rich, deep and enveloping voice to a lighter tone, friendly and charming. Then click my voice for your Italian Native Voice Over Productions is certainly the right choice.


Neumann U87a + AT4040


iMac 27'' Intel inside
Softwares: ProTools; WaveLab; Logic;
microphone: Neumann U87a; AT 4040
headphones: AKG; Beyerdinamycs;
pre-amp: dBx 286a;
soundcard: Apogee;
soundproofed anechoic speaker's room fiber connected for remote sessions.



Voice Age

Young, Adult, Senior

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